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UX Lead. UX/UI Design.

Passionate UX Lead Designer with 10+ years of digital experience, specializing in design products and experiences web-based applications. Skilled in all phases of the design process from concept development to execution, with a strong focus on usability and visual appeal. Known for leading cross-functional teams and delivering projects that exceed user expectations and business goals.

Happy to meet you through my designs. 



Dashboard for Optimization platform application

Create A/B Testing  (Experiment) in Optimization platform application

Experiments main page 

Testing component flow in Optimization platform application. 

Notification component in 'Setting onboarding' flow of fintech web application. 

Full details component in a big data table of fintech web application. 



Shiri Arad | UX UI Designer

Tel-Aviv, Israel


Experience working with several companies.

Strong ability to clearly and effectively communicate complex design processes.

Understanding thoroughly the business goals and user behavior both from the psychology point of view to the design and technology aspect of the product.

Excellent teamwork skills. Strong, confident and clean visual design sense.

Let's work together.
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